Thirsty Thursday: Generosity

I remember hearing this guy talk about how great it would be to be really rich because you could bless others with your wealth. I remember him saying that you could pay a $100 bill for the people behind you in line and tell the cashier to give the change to the people. At the time, I thought, Yeah! That would be awesome.

Now I think about it and laugh. Hunny and I are by no means in a good place financially. We’re not even on the rung to get to a bad place to be honest. But Hunny and I are generous with the little we do have. We give freely of the resources that God has given. Even though we don’t give a $100 bill to the cashier and pass on the change, we do pay for the people behind us in line. Every time we feel like we should do it, we always have enough money to pay. Obviously, God put it on our hearts to bless those people.

You may be like us and trying to stay afloat financially or you may be comfortable financially. You don’t have to give a $100 bill to a person in order to be generous. You just have to pay attention. Do you know someone who needs something? Do you know a new mom? She would love someone to do her dishes or her laundry. Do you know someone who has had a death in the family? They could use a nice evening out. Do you know someone who is discouraged about their job? He could use some encouragement. Kind words, smiles, and hugs (my favorite!) are free. You get to choose whether or not you’re going to give.

Hunny Ruined My Birthday Cake (A Random Act of Kindness Fixed It)

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. My birthday is in June.  So why in the world am I making a birthday cake months after my birthday?  It’s a long story…

On my birthday’s eve, I started to make my birthday cake.  A Milky Way cake.  The recipe was found in my grandmother’s cook book from the 1960’s.  A cake made with my favorite candy bar, a perfect choice for my special day.  Since it was summer and we didn’t have any air conditioning, I thought I would conserve the heat by baking at night when it’s cooler.  We kept the windows open at night to let the cool summer night air in.  The light in the kitchen is a beacon for bugs, so I suggested Hunny spray some bug spray on the window.  I didn’t specify which one and he sprayed the window in front of which I was standing and baking.  Bug spray splashed on my arm and lips, so I knew that it got into the batter, which I promptly threw away.  Then my lips started burning and I hopped into the shower.  Not the best way to start off a birthday.

Last week, I thought, Hey, I only need four more ingredients to make my Milky Way cake.  So after I dropped Hunny off at work, I took Cupcake and Yeeyum to Walmart.  We weren’t there very long before Yeeyum got hungry.  Freaked out, screaming hungry.  I picked up some Gerber Graduate Puffs and made my way to the candy aisle.  The candy aisle is also the juice aisle (very clever, Walmart) and Cupcake wanted a juice bottle with Strawberry Shortcake on it.  Instead of arguing about waiting for juice later, I threw it in the cart and kept going.

Even though I had six items total, I let a guy in front of me who only had one item.  I am so glad that I did because it gave me a chance to look in my diaper bag and discover that I did not have my wallet.  The line was already forming behind me, but I had to figure out some way to pay for the snack I opened.  I never do that! Why did I do that?  I scrounged around in my bag and found enough money for the snack, but I didn’t think I could find enough for the juice.  I calmly explain to Cupcake that if I don’t find more change, we can’t get the Stawberry Shortcake juice.  She throws her head back wailing like I told her I was going to execute a family pet.  Praying to find more change before it’s my turn and trying without success of calming Cupcake, God gives me the money I need.  I ended up paying in quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies.  The cashier even commented on it, “That was close.”

I felt like an idiot as I walked back through the store returning the other items, and I really didn’t feel like driving all the way back home and all the way back to Walmart just for a stupid cake.

I put the cart up and took Cupcake out of the cart.  I started to pick up Yeeyum when a lady approaches me.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but…”

That little girl is so gorgeous.  She looks like my sister/mother/grandmother/cousin/Shirley Temple.  Can I take a picture of/hug her?  I smiled ready for whatever compliment would be bestowed on Cupcake.

“.. I want to pay for your items.  I should have done it when we were in the store.”

I just cried.  I have money! I just don’t have it with me.

Then I remembered something I read from another blog, “If someone wants to do something for you, don’t take away their blessing by not letting them.” I put the Littles back in the cart and tried to pull it together to go back in the store and retrieve the items.  We weren’t in the store for very long, but I got to know her pretty well. Her name is Teresa, she works third shift, she loves to bake, her signature cake is a Pina Colada cake, she has her grandmother’s cookbooks and shares them with her little neice.  If you’re ever up in the middle of the night, say a prayer for Teresa.

I do Random Acts of Kindness, but I never thought a Random Act of Kindness would be done to me.


Kindness (Pass It On)

One day, I’ll update you on my life, whereabouts, and doings, but until then, I want to share a microscopic story with you.

Usually when I do a Random Act of Kindness, I have no idea what the effect is or if it even made a difference at all. But a couple weeks ago, I was blessed to see a tiny ripple of kindness from something I did.

I was waiting in line at the store behind a family with a million items. Not to mention, they were price checking items. Cupcake and Peapod were inhabiting the cart and I was wondering how much longer they could handle waiting so patiently. I glanced behind me because I had a feeling that the line had exploded from just me to half the store. I noticed that the guy behind me had a frozen pizza in hand, and I felt bad that he had to wait so long. By the time these people would be done with their purchases, this pizza would be lukewarm at best.

“You go in front of me.”



“Thank you so much!”

I love helping people and I love it even more when they acknowledge it with appreciation. As I was basking in the glow of being thanked for such a minuscule act, I hear the lady behind me with an overflowing basket of stuff say, “Would you like to go in front of me?”  The person behind her declined.

I was so excited to see the effect of the tiny thing I did that I almost missed the second round of thanks from frozen pizza guy.

Have you ever seen the fruits of your kindness?