Thirsty Thursday: Pink Roses

I am not a gardener. I am not all that great with indoor plants, either. I think my orchid is dead, but I can’t let it go. It was a gift from Hunny! When I saw rose bushes in the Aldi seasonal aisle, I really wanted to get one. But I wanted to be smart about it and wait until they went on sale.

Towards the end of the season, they still weren’t on sale. I love roses and even though I knew it was too late to plant them, I caved and bought two: a pink rose and a yellow rose. I’m not a yellow gal, but I thought it might be nice to try something different for a change.

The miniature rose bush my father gave me for Mother’s Day three years ago is thriving under my minimal care and attention. It had already produced a multitude of tiny velvety red roses. I had a feeling the rose blossoming season was over when I asked Hunny to plant the new additions, but I asked God if He would let the pink rose bush bloom just one flower before fall. Just because He loves me, the rose bush bloomed several pink flowers that filled the air with their perfume.

My dad happened to drop by when one of the flowers bloomed. I wanted him to see how well his present was doing, and I wanted him to see the pink rose. I didn’t want to tell him that I had prayed for God to make it bloom. It felt embarrassing. Shouldn’t I be praying about grander, loftier things? I can’t tell my dad that I asked God for a rose. It’s so stupid! In spite of my embarrassment, I added, “I prayed God would let this one bloom,” after showing him the roses. My dad didn’t laugh at me. He nodded his head and said, “Oh.” He’s a man of few words, in case you were wondering.

A month or so later, a friend came over to visit with her children and a tag-along. After Cupcake took them to see the chickens, I felt like I should say something about the roses, even though I really didn’t want to say anything! I wanted them to see how lovely they were, but I didn’t want to admit to yet another person that my prayers were so goofy. But I did it anyway. “I asked God to make this rose bush bloom, and He did. See how great they look?” My words were bolder than my feelings inside. “Cool!” My friend didn’t laugh at me, either.


My rose bush is still blooming! This picture is from today!

Mini Roses from My Dad

Today’s picture of the roses from my dad.

Don’t be ashamed to share the small victories in your life. Any and every prayer answered is a beacon of Light. It is additional proof of God’s Love, Existence, and Mercy. We don’t know what other people are praying for and about. They may be praying for healing or salvation for a loved one or transportation or that the clothes they need will go on sale so they can afford them. God really does care about us. He cares about our big and small worries. He wants us to come to Him with everything. Even the things that may seem like nothing to others that may mean everything to us.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you; casting all your anxieties upon Him, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7, emphasis mine

A Word on Healing

Why is it always your most well intentioned friend who cuts you down or throws you into a depression spiral?

One of my well intentioned friends messaged me on facebook (you know I love facebook!) that she had a miscarriage and that even though it was sad, her heart was now healed. I messaged that I am glad that she was happy but that I cried over her baby. I get a message back that I need to let God heal my heart and that I can’t go on like this and to promise her I will let God’s love heal me.

Am I not letting God heal my hurt? Is it my fault that I’m still emotional about miscarriages and lost babies? Am I defective?

I messaged her back. I recounted everything I had gone through and what God has already done to heal me. One of the things God did was free me from being afraid of sex. I was terrified that I would become pregnant and not survive a second miscarriage. I didn’t want to go through the literal hell I went through losing Jason. And I haven’t even shared the half of it.

Stories of drug addicts who welcome Jesus into their hearts and never touch drugs or alcohol again are fantastic stories of the awesomeness of God. Then you hear stories of people who are saved and battle addiction their whole lives. It is easy to think, Geez, that guy is doing it wrong. Maybe he’s not saved. Maybe he’s not letting God work in him.


But maybe something greater is happening there. Maybe the constant day by day struggle for survival makes that person dependent on God and dependable for God. Maybe that guy is growing and becoming more like Christ every second they flee from temptation. Maybe that guy’s treasures in heaven will outweigh his chaff. Maybe that guys struggles make him more accessible to a group God wants him to reach. Maybe that is God’s plan for him – to shine His love and His light and His glory into dark souls and the dark corners of the earth. Maybe the places he can reach cannot be reached by the guy who was instantly healed.

Most likely.

Emotional pain is difficult. Unlike physical wounds, you can’t see them. You can’t gauge how much longer it will take to heal. There’s no cast for broken feelings. We are all wounded soldiers: arms in slings, bandaged up, and limping through life. It is why God wants us to bear one another’s burdens and to share our joy and grief with one another. It helps healing.

Thirsty Thursday: A Call to Prayer

I usually use my Thirsty Thursday posts to share what I’m learning, what God is sharing with me, and what I’ve read that has spoken to me. Since this is my blog, I’m using this post as a call to prayer. For me.

My father was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) when I was eight. Around Christmas, he was unable to walk, became paralyzed for some time, and was bed ridden for six months. My mother’s mother had RA, and my mother has been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Last Tuesday, my elbows, wrists, and knuckles simultaneously began to throb. The pain was excruciating. Then my hands were in pain, felt like they were on fire, and like the insides of my hands would burst through my skin. For the rest of the week, I felt pain and my hands were stiff. I looked up hand exercises to do and they were difficult to perform.

This week, my energy levels have plummeted. I am exhusted. I lay in bed in the morning and pray for help to get out of it. I haven’t felt this tired since I was pregnant with Yeeyum. I have cookies and a birthday cake to make for Cupcake’s birthday party this weekend, but I have no idea how I’m going to do it. Other family birthdays, my anniversary, and Christmas are all around the corner. I have gifts to make and purchase. I really need my energy back.

I am praying for healing. I know God can heal me if it is His will.  He can glorify Himself through my healing. However, this might be my “thorn in the flesh” that God will use to mold me into the woman He created me to be. Pray that God will reveal Himself to me and let me know if He will give me the strength and grace to handle an illness or if He will take it away.

Thank you for your prayers. I desperately need them.

Thirsty Thursday: Daddy Hears You

Yesterday, I overheard a father talking to his daughter, “Do you know why I did that?  I shut that door because I know the light scares you.  I want you to know that Daddy hears you.”  He said some other things that I don’t remember, but what struck my spirit was Daddy hears you.  I felt like God was reminding me that He hears me (Psalm 4:3, Psalm 6:9).  He’s my Father and He knows what I’m going through.  He’s not in heaven hanging out.  An angel isn’t running up to Him saying, “Sir!  Sir!  There’s a situation down there that I think you should look into.  This girl is sick and she’s pregnant and she can’t find a place to live.  She has other things going on and she’s really freaked out.  She needs some help!”

I don’t know if you are going through a difficult time like I am, but I do know that God hears you.  He sees you (Genesis 16:13).  Most importantly, He loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3) and He will always be with you (Matthew 28:18-20).

God is listening.

Wii Would Like to Play or (An Unlikely Praise Report)

My heart broke last week.  According to my paranoid brain, my love and constant attention killed our Wii.

We live in what looks like an abandoned building, but in reality is apartments, in downtown Statesvegas (I know.  It sounds cool, but believe me, it is NOT).  This past winter has been a rough one for our area, and we have had short power outages.  The electricity will be off and right back on, or off for a while and back on.  Thankfully, it has never been off for a day or more.  I experienced an on/off power situation Tuesday.  The TV turned right back on.  I pushed the on button on the Wii… Nothing.  No light.  Nothing.  So I checked the power strip.  It worked fine.  Then I unplugged and plugged everything back into the power strip.  The Wii did not respond.

My hunny and I don’t have cable.  We don’t have a box to get regular television.  We have Netflix (the  eighth wonder of the world), and we watch it on our Wii.  We have a DVD player, but we don’t use it very often.  Being able to watch The Cosby Show instantly on the TV through the Wii is invaluable to me.   Rediscovering Third Rock From the Sun has been a blast.  Hunny didn’t watch the show when it was on.  We have had our Wii for three years.  I can’t imagine life without it.

In my desperation, I may have said a prayer and asked God to fix the Wii.  I don’t know.  I was really freaked out at the time, and I have no idea what I did.  I honestly was wondering how long it would take us to save up the money to buy a new one.  Hunny tried a few things and my broseph-in-law tried a few things, but nothing worked.  Hunny prayed with me about the Wii.  I didn’t expect God to fix it.  I did pray that God would give me peace and that I would stop worrying about it.

God answers prayer.  I did not think that He would answer this one the way He did.  A friend of mine told me  her Wii broke and she sent it off to Nintendo.  They fixed it for around $75 to $95, which is a lot cheaper than a new Wii.  I went on the website to find out how to send it back.  There were troubleshooting things to do before you called, so we tried them.  Resetting our power cord worked!  Our Wii was back in business!  I am sharing this with you to say this:  God cares about your “little,” “stupid” problems.  Whatever is on your mind, He wants to help you.  He wants to show you that you are important to Him, and if your Wii breaking upsets you, He wants to help you fix it.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7