Thirsty Thursday: Wilderness or No, God has a Job for You

As you may or may not know, Hunny and I live in Statesvegas.  Hunny grew up here from the age of nine.  Most people love where they grew up and want to settle down there.  Not so much with us.  We don’t care for it here.  We don’t have many friends here because most of our friends have moved away or are in the process of moving away.  If you had asked me where I’d be living as an adult when I was in high school, I would have said New York, California, or France.  If you had told me when Hunny and I were dating that we’d spend the first several years of our marriage in Statesvegas, I would have laughed (Not in your face, though.  That’s rude).  I wouldn’t have believed it because Hunny really hates it here.

It’s not all bad living here.  We only live twenty minutes away from my family, and we are able to see them regularly.  It’s just that there aren’t very many creative opportunities for us here, and we would really like to live somewhere else.  We’ve been praying about a new place to live and a new job for Hunny, since we’ve been married.  The job market is tough right now.  We are thankful that Hunny has a job at all.  We seriously are.  There are countless people who are without work, living on their credit cards, and we know that things could be much worse for us.

I read a devotion recently from Pastor Greg Laurie (You can read the entire devotion here).  The focus of the devotion was on the joy that you get when you become a Christian.  But God showed me something else in this devotion.  God sent Philip to the desert (Acts 8:26).  While he was there an official for the Ethiopian Queen Candace was reading Isaiah and not quite comprehending it.  Philip was there to answer questions and point him toward Jesus (verses 30-35).  If Philip had not been in the wilderness, who would have helped the official?  God ultimately would have used someone else somewhere else, but He chose Philip and Philip was right where he needed to be.

I don’t understand why God has me here.  Hunny does not understand it, either.  We are waiting to see how He will use us where we are.  He probably has been using us and we can’t see it.  God may have placed you in the desert, and you may be waiting for Him to move you elsewhere.  I hope you find encouragement in the fact that God is using you where you are, and there is someone in your midst who needs to hear from you about Jesus.

Thirsty Thursday – Peacemakers rock!

I was going to do a top ten list on Thursdays, but that is kinda predictable.  Who doesn’t do top ten lists?  Anyway, I began to think of what word goes well with “Thursday” and came up with “thirsty.”  Jesus told a woman at a well that He knew where she could get water that would quench her thirst forever.  He was referring to Himself, of course, and how He is the be all end all for our needs (you can read that story here).

This Thursday I’m going to share a devotion by Greg Laurie concerning something Jesus said, “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for they shall be called sons of God,” Matthew 5:9.  The best way to know peace is to know the true, living God.