Kind of a Big Deal (Four Years)

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Today is my fourth blogiversary. It is also the day my second son was due. On a side note, I find it hilarious that babies have a “due date” as if people were library books: This kid was due out yesterday, so you’ll owe us a thousand dollars, if he’s not out by tomorrow.

I started a blog four years ago about movies. I was really excited about it and posted it on my facebook page. Out of my hundreds of friends, two people read it, which really hurt my feelings. It also hurt my feelings when other people post their blogs and get almost 100 likes and the same amount of “I love this!” comments and I get nothing. Honestly, it still stings, which is why I don’t do facebook.

Since none of my “friends” read my blog, I thought I’d create a new one. One that I wouldn’t share with anyone. One that I wouldn’t post on facebook. One that I wouldn’t even tell Hunny about (that lasted a week, maybe two). I wanted to see if anyone would read what I wrote.

And you did.

Thank you.

I have stuck with this blog through Hunny losing two jobs, through health issues, through the Incident, and through wanting to give up. Unlike other blogs I follow, I do not have a book deal, an agent, or any opportunities outside this blog. Thank you for following me anyway. Thank you for reading.

My gift to you is another 30 Days, 30 Movies in September. This time you get to pick the final day’s movie! Choose wisely!

Happy Anniversary!! (Three Years of Polite Paranoia)


I’ve been doing this blog for three years.  Only three people I know read it.  One of them is Hunny, and he listens to me read it aloud because he’s not much of a reader.  The fact that you are reading this blog is a miracle and I am thankful that you have stuck it out with me and read my posts.  I really appreciate having an audience for my voice.  Especially since being married, a caregiver, and a mother is time consuming, to say the least, and sadly this blog is the bulk of my writing.

Since this is the start of a New Year for Polite and (Paranoid), I would like to share three goals with you:

  • Share 3 posts with you a week
  • Share a short video monthly
  • Share how my non blog writing is going

Now, let’s celebrate!!