30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 2} Marilyn Monroe or (How to Marry a Millionaire)

Cupcake and the internet have conspired against me, so this review isn’t going to be very in depth.

Marilyn Monroe made 33 films.  Of the ones I have seen, my favorites are Some Like It Hot and How to Marry a Millionaire (HTMAM).  I chose HTMAM because I’m saving Some Like It Hot for another time.

HTMAM opens with an orchestra performing a medley of music from the movie.  This would never happen in a movie today, which is too bad.  Studio execs would look at six minutes of a musical performance as obligatory, but it isn’t.  That music sets the grandiose tone of this upbeat movie.

Set in “glorious, glamorous” New York City, HTMAM follows three models in their quest to wed a millionaire: Schatze, who recently got divorced from an already married con man, Pola, who never wears her glasses for fear that she won’t find a man, and Loco, a down to earth and a tad ditzy girl.  Schatze tells the girls that most people use more brain power to pick a horse to bet on than to pick a husband.  She warns the girls to use their heads and not their hearts.

I think the best part of this movie is that each girl gets what she really wants most, and it isn’t cheesy.  You don’t shake your head when Pola meets a man who tells her not to be afraid to wear glasses because she is actually prettier with her glasses on.  You don’t want to gag when Loco meets her future husband, and when Schatze does not go through marrying someone for money, you don’t sigh.  It’s not cheesy because the writing is well done.  There is an emotional connection to the characters.  This movie is a classic for a reason.  I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but the screenplay was based on several plays.  I think Nunnally Johnson, the screenwriter, took care in preparing this script and shaping the characters.

The costumes in this movie are simply delicious.  Usually in a movie, there may be one character that I would want to emulate their style.  In this movie, there are three.  The girls participate in an elaborate fashion show, including ten outfits.  If you’re like me and live vicariously through others who live retro fabulous lives like: Casey’s Elegant Musings, Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, and Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage, this movie is a must see.

Favorite Line: “Honestly, Pola, why can’t you keep those cheaters on long enough to see who you’re with?”

Favorite Character: J.D. Hanley, who tells Schatze, “I believe that nothing would be more wonderful for me than marrying you, and nothing worse for you.”  What a guy.

Favorite Scene:  When the girls find out how much money their husband’s have in the final scene of the film