Paddling with One Oar

Something isn’t right with me.

I’ve been searching pretty hard lately. I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on with me. I’ve been feeling like there is something missing in my life. It isn’t my relationship with God. I have been reading my Bible and praying daily. I took an ecourse called #MakeOverYourMornings, because I thought that might help me. Instead, it has brought up more things I feel like I’m behind on in my life. It wasn’t until I read this blog post someone shared that I figured out what my deal was.

I’m paddling with one oar.

Several years ago, I heard a sermon that used the analogy of a Follower of Christ’s life being a canoe with two oars. One oar is spirituality – your relationship with God, your service, etc. The other oar is what you do – your career/gifting/whatever it is that God made you to do. If you only focus on one oar, you can’t move forward in your life. You’ll be going in circles.

I have been keeping up with my relationship with God, which is of utmost importance to me and my family and the world, really. When I do not spend time with God, when I have not taken the time to allow Him to satisfy me with His love, I am not the same person. I am snappy, become irritated easily, withdraw, get jealous easily, find fault (with myself) easily, and am generally just awful. However, I have found that I am still finding fault with myself, with my life, and becoming jealous of other people. I haven’t been writing, either.

The screenplay that was meant to have a first draft done by August still has no outline.


I’m going around in circles and I am ridiculously dizzy.

With homemaking, housekeeping (which I am lousy at), child rearing, being a wife, helping at the non-profit, family and friend relationships, and my other life responsibilities, I find it difficult to take time to pursue my passions and dreams. When my day is done, I’m exhausted and collapse on the couch next to Hunny until it is permissible to lay in bed. But I have to figure out a way to shake off my exhaustion.

The thing that isn’t right is the thing that hasn’t been written.


30 Days, 30 Scenes {Day 12} Art Scene Two

My second Art Scene! This is exciting, you guys! Mostly because I’m using Hunny’s art, but also because I haven’t given up on this series. I usually let life get in the way and take a breather, but this time I’m not. Even though my 30 Days will extend into May, I’m still sharing my scenes with you.

I used to cut pictures out of magazines and stick them up on a cork board for inspiration. I cut out a picture of a flower and Hunny liked it. He liked it so much that he decided to paint it. When it didn’t sell at an Art Show, Hunny said that I could have it. He’s regretted it when people have offered to buy it, but he said it was mine. Do you think I should let him sell it?

Untitled Flower

This is the inspiration for today’s scene.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 12.12.14 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 12.12.31 PM

I like pink roses. Any shade of pink. Hunny has bought wildflowers for me before, but now that we have Yeeyum, who has allergies, we’ll have to stick with roses.

30 Days, 30 Scenes {Day 1} Art Scene 1

Today was NOT the best day to start this series. Hunny has some sort of flu thing. Yeeyum has some sort of stomach thing. Our sole vehicle is getting work done on it, and we’re borrowing a Jeep that is a manual transmission, which I don’t know how to drive. Cupcake had a violent allergic reaction to some soap her grandmother gave her (It was Crabtree and Evelyn, so who knows to which ingredient she’s allergic!). I have been working on one scene for the better part of a day, but I don’t know how long it would be if you distilled the time I was working from the time I was interrupted and had to tend to sick people, messes, and the like.

This scene is based on a mixed media piece called “Katy Nelson.”  It features buildings from downtown Asheville, NC.

Here is the scene for today.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 6.41.36 PM


Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 6.42.13 PM



Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 6.43.16 PM

I’ll have another scene for you tomorrow… Hopefully…


A Dream Come True or (How I {kinda} went to France)

A while back, I wrote a post about trying to live my life as though I have six months to live.  I mentioned that if I had six months to live I would want to go to France, but I would not want to put Hunny in a bad financial way (although I know that if I had six months to live, Hunny would take me anyway.  He loves me like that), so I would go to France in a more “creative” way.

This weekend was THE weekend.  We went to France!  I did all the things that I would want to do in France, but did them in the mountains of North Carolina.  Black Mountain and Asheville to be exact.

If I were to go to France, I would want to visit the beautiful cathedrals.  In Asheville, we visited two gorgeous churches, First Christian Church and First Baptist Church.


If I were to go to France, I would want to go to the Louvre and experience the art.  There were many art shows going on this weekend thanks to Bele Chere, an annual festival that we didn’t know was going on this weekend.

The Black Mountain Library had an Art Exhibit in their Education Room

The Library was the only place I wasn't afraid to take pictures

If I were to go to France, I would enjoy visiting the sidewalk cafes and bistros.

If I were to go to France, I would definitely enjoy the little shops and my surroundings.

I was able to experience France by doing all the things I would want to do there over here.