Thirsty Thursday: Fun With Psalms

I don’t always read the footnotes when I’m reading scripture. I mainly read the ESV translation and found that the numerical footnotes contain the most interesting information. I recently found that some of the psalms were acrostics, meaning the first letter of every line was intentional. In these acrostic psalms, each line represents a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. I was inspired to write an acrostic psalm with the English alphabet.

Here is my first attempt:

All praise and honor
Belong to You.
Come hear my meager song.
Done with humble hearts, give
Ear to our praise.
For You alone are our reason to
Get up from our beds and
Head out
Into the world:
Juggling responsibilities,
Keeping temptation far,
Loving the unlovable, and
Moving in Your grace.
No one can do this without You.
Others have tried and failed.
Prosperity comes only from You.
Quality of life given from Your Hand.
Righteousness and honor, You
Show us Your ways.
Teach us how to thrive
Under the weight of Your glory.
Vessels of earth carrying Your love
Watch for You,
Your love for the world and for

Why not take some time this week to create a psalm of your own? It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Just write words of praise to our fantastically awesome God. He would love to hear it!

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