Thirsty Thursday: Satisfied

I have been feeling like I’m lacking as of late: lacking accomplishment, lacking recognition, and just lacking in general.

A couple months ago, I heard Psalm 145 being read on the radio. The entire Psalm spoke to me deeply, but one verse in particular caught my heart.

You open your hand, You safisfy the desire of every living thing. Psalm 145:16


Blades of grass have desires. Birds have wants. Even single celled organisms have desires. And God, in His infinite kindness and love, opens His hand and satisfies them.

Our desires are different than those of amoeba, but God can satisfy them. God grants our prayers. I have not been faithful in praying about my desires. I haven’t been looking to God to satisfy my deepest wants. I’ve been looking to someone powerless, incapable, and finite to satisfy my desires: me.

My friends and family always come to me for help. I am always there. I pray, I encourage, I do everything I can to push them closer to their goals and dreams. But I can’t do it for myself. I asked Hunny why I can’t help myself. Why can’t I “make things happen” for myself?

God satisfies the desire of every living thing. He wants to satisfy my desires. He wants me to look to Him, because He can do it! Even if I succeed in my own strength, it will be hollow, an empty victory. How can I bring glory to God when I am not relying on Him fully?

Ask God to satisfy your desires. He wants to do it. He wants to open His hand for you and demonstrate His power and love. Let Him.


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