30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 15} Film School Must See – Citizen Kane

The first time I was forced to watch this movie… I mean, the first time I was obligated to view this film… That doesn’t sound right, either. The first time my eyes were assaulted by Citizen Kane…

Ok, fine. I’m not going to sugar coat this. I hate this movie. It is on every serious film lover/maker/buff’s list of cinematic perfection, including my Hunny’s. I saw Citizen Kane in Film 101. Seriously. I took that class before I knew I was meant to be involved with film. I honestly took it because I wanted to take a fun class for a change. That was a huge mistake. Some of the rape scenes I saw from that class haunt me to this very day.

I thought since so much time has passed, I would be able to view this movie with fresh eyes. The only problem with that is when I first saw Citizen Kane, I didn’t know anything about Orson Welles other than the fact that he did War of the Worlds. Now I know more about him, and he was a loathsome person. Not unlike the Kane character.

If any of you can explain to me why I should care what a rich man’s last words mean, please, let me know! I don’t understand why the audience would care about Kane or his life. There is nothing redeeming about him or this story, except that it ends and I will never watch it again. Despite the accolades this film receives, it was a commercial flop and every time it was announced for one of its nine Oscar nominations, the audience booed.


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