30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 13} Time Travel – About Time

Hunny loves this movie, and I think this is the best time travel movie. Yes, I’ve seen Back to the Future. Back to the Future is a comedy, and if we’re talking about best comedic time travel, Back to the Future wins hands down. About Time is a drama, and the best time travel drama to date.

I don’t want to give away too many plot points just in case you haven’t seen it. I do want to explain why it is such a great movie. I enjoyed the way the subject of being able to travel time is approached. There’s a sequence where the main character lives his day and then relives it. The first time he has a hard time at work, he has a bad attitude at lunch, and he doesn’t enjoy coming home to his family. The second go through, he has a better time at work because he speaks up, he notices the lady smiling at him when he buys his lunch, he notices the fun to be had on his subway ride home, and he is kind to his family. It shows that you don’t need to time travel to have a great life. You can choose to live your life to the fullest and choose a good attitude. You choose the way you perceive your life and the events within it.




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