30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 8} 60’s Beach Flick – Beach Party

Do you like weird sound effects? How about close ups of random butts and bodies without heads? Are you someone who enjoys real action spliced with the most fake looking close ups ever made? Then this movie is for you!

I really don’t recommend this movie. This was the first of the “Beach Party” movies and I am surprised that it wasn’t the last. I will say that I understand how this would be a great  drive in movie. You don’t have to pay attention to the movie at all to follow the almost nonexistent plot. One could grab some popcorn, stop by their friend’s car to see what’s going on, and make out with their main squeeze and leave knowing that nothing was missed.

The best part of this movie was the end credits. It said, “INTRODUCING CANDY JOHNSON,” with an action shot of her dancing beside it. This girl had ZERO LINES. None. All she did was shake her body to make the fringe on her dress fly around. I am being totally serious. How do you “introduce” someone who doesn’t even act and has only one scene?

I also found out that Annette Funicello was under contract with Walt Disney when she was offered this role. She asked Mr. Disney personally if she could do this movie. He agreed on two conditions: that she wear modest bathing suits and that her navel did not show. Annette went on to do five more beach movies.


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