30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 5} Biopic – Chaplin

You know how I feel about long movies. I loathe them. I get antsy. I just want it to be over already! I can read for hours (At least, I could until God put small children in my life), but you put a movie over 90 minutes in front of me and I start to loose it.

Chaplin broke me.

Chaplin is over two hours long and I was riveted from minute one to the end. As soon as the credits ended, Hunny and I watched the bonus features. It wasn’t a fluke, either. On my second viewing of the film, I found myself feeling sorry for Charlie Chaplin and even though I knew what would happen, I was still cheering him on. My being able to sit through more than two hours shows what great writing and acting can do.

The movie is based on Chaplin’s own autobiography. Before I watched this movie, I had never seen a Charlie Chaplin movie. I knew he was a silent film star, but I had absolutely no interest in him. After watching this movie, I wanted to see one of his movies. More proof of the influence movies can have.

I highly recommend viewing this as soon as possible. Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal. Before filming, he watched every movie Charlie Chaplin made. Do you know how many that is? Eighty-seven. Sixty-two of those films were made before Chaplin was twenty-one.

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