30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 4} Joan Rivers – The Muppets Take Manhattan

With Joan River’s passing on the fourth day of my 30 Days, 30 Movies Series, I felt that I should change what I was posting as a tribute.

I loved The Muppets growing up. I watched the animated cartoon Muppet Babies and my family rented The Muppets movies from TriCity Electric, a local electric company that rented videos on the side. I remember loving Miss Piggy in The Muppets Take Manhattan and totally not understanding why the lady she was working with was putting so much gunk on her face. My question now that I’m an adult: How did they clean Miss Piggy’s face? Was it washable marker? Does she have extra heads? Was there a special head/body made for this scene? I can’t find any of the answers, but I still love this scene. I love the frog joke that I didn’t get until watching it as a grown up (I didn’t know people ate frogs when I was a kid). I love that they laugh when they get fired. It’s silly and fun and it makes me smile even as an adult.

Thank you, Joan, for the smiles.


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