30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 2} Cary Grant – His Girl Friday

Before I review this movie, I will share my favorite Cary Grant anecdote. Cary Grant was boarding a train and had to sign for his ticket. The girl looked at his signature and looked at him. She told him that he didn’t look like Cary Grant. Cary Grant replied, “Darling, no one does.”

There are older films that still resonate with viewers and are enjoyable to watch. This is not one of those films. His Girl Friday was based on a play and it is a dialogue heavy film. It even looks like a play. Most of the scenes take place in the press room with characters entering and exiting the single room where the majority of the plot takes place. Almost the entire movie, Hunny was looking at Instagram. He was less than interested.

If you want to watch a Cary Grant movie, I highly recommend An Affair to Remember. My broseph’s favorite Cary Grant movie is Charade. I know someone who owns all of his films save one. Do you know how many that is? Seventy-six.

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