Act Break (Life Around the Corner)

We are nearing the fourth anniversary of Polite and (Paranoid). Other things are happening, too.

My Hunny is no longer semi employed. He has full time work! I am not excited about it this time because last time he got injured and they let him go. Even though I am happy for him, I am reserving my excitement for later.

A Nicholas Sparks movie is being filmed close to our area. An hour is close, since we live in the middle of No Man’s Land (That is not a complaint, just a description. I really enjoy No Man’s Land. I could use a Target closer than 45 minutes…). There’s a possibility that after my six year hiatus from a movie set, I’ll be back on one.

It is amazing to think about all the life I’ve lived in six short years. Becoming Mrs. Hunny was definitely the highlight. The Littles are my runners up. After them, writing this blog is definitely third. I’ve been able to share and grow. Many times, this has been my sole outlet for writing and my sole effort towards writing.

Yes, it is.

If I am chosen to be an extra, you’ll be the first to know.


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