30 Days, 30 Scenes

Seven years ago, I found myself on the set of a major motion picture. I was an extra for Leatherheads. Don’t remember it? Yeah, me neither. But I do remember being on set and thinking, I was made for this. I have never felt so natural and at home doing anything as I did being on that set. I haven’t experienced that feeling since being an extra for Blood Done Sign My Name. That wasn’t as peaceful an experience, because I went with someone who complained the whole time.

Seven years later and I feel further away from film.

Don’t get me wrong, some wonderful things have happened since I was an extra the first time. I met Hunny. We got married. We started a family. I started this blog. We moved to a place we can call home. All truly wonderful events, but nothing that has taken me closer to film.

To commemorate the anniversary of finding what I was meant to do, I am doing two things for the month of April: wearing red lipstick everyday like I did on set and writing a scene a day. I will write three different scenes from ten different prompts:

Color: Randomly pick a color from the box. Use that color in the scene in some way.

Music: Base a scene on a piece of music, its lyrics or its movement.

Photograph: Find a picture and write a scene about what is happening in the picture.

Autobiographical: Scene based on a life event (Don’t worry. You won’t be in them nor will my Sister. You’re the only two people I know in person who read this blog!).

Emotion: Write a scene that conveys a feeling.

Behind the Scenes: A scene about what happens that no one else sees. This can be at home, at work, or anything that the average person doesn’t know about.

Bon Mot: Dialogue driven scene.

Genre: Pick a genre, write a scene. Horror, RomCom, Period Piece, Drama, Family Friendly, Indie, B-Movie, etc.

Art: A scene based on a piece of art.

Whatevs: This is my freebie category. I can write whatever I want! I can share a scene from a screenplay I’m working on. I do what I want!

I’m proud of myself for celebrating instead of throwing myself a pity party. I’ve had enough of being sad and feeling awful. I’m going to celebrate, enjoy myself, and share my joy with you!



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