One Time Around

*Disclaimer: The events from this post happened indoors. No actual cars were present.*

“I’m driving!” yells Cupcake excitedly.

How old are you?

“This many!” with the same excitement, she throws up four fingers proudly.

You can’t drive.

“I’m just ‘retending!” She thinks for a moment. “How old do I have to be to drive?”


“How long will it be until then?” she asks hopefully.

Twelve years.

“Twelve years!” she cries indignantly. “That’s a long time,” she says sadly as she walks away.

I pull her toward me and hold both hands in mine. I look in her eyes to capture her attention, Twelve years sounds like a long time, but it isn’t. Twelve years is going to go by fast. You only get one chance to be four. You need to enjoy being four because you won’t be four ever again. You’ll be five at your birthday. Then it will be your turn to be five. Enjoy being four.

She bounces away happily, and I wonder if any of this conversation will stick with her. I hope she enjoys being four. I would trade anything to be four again. Being four was awesome.

I don’t know “how many” you are, but you only get one turn at being that many. You may be looking at your past and thinking, How did I get here? Well, you can’t dwell on how you got here. This is where you are. Find ways to enjoy your age and where you are in life. You will never be here again. And you can be in a better place where you are RIGHT NOW, if you allow yourself to ENJOY IT.


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