Casting the Nativity: Gabriel

Yesterday I cast Elizabeth and Zechariah as Barbara Streisand and Dick van Dyke. I’m really excited about my pick for Gabriel, I can’t wait to share!

Cary Grant as Gabriel

Gabriel appeared to Zechariah to tell him he was having a child (Luke 1:12-13, 18-19). In the sixth month of his wife, Elizabeth’s, pregnancy, Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she would be with child. Not just any child, God’s own Son (Luke 1:26-38). Gabriel also appeared to Daniel and interpreted a vision (Daniel 8:16, Daniel 9:20-23).

Cary Grant is a legend. He played an angel in The Bishop’s Wife, a movie set around the Christmas holiday that I want to see! I can envision Grant telling the frightened people to not be afraid and setting him at ease in that debonair way he had.

Tomorrow, I’ll be casting the Shepherds.


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