Based on True (The Intouchables)

Hunny and I saw the preview for this movie on another movie we rented.  I don’t remember what the movie was we rented, but I remembered the preview.  I also remember how excited Hunny was to see it.

I grew up watching a lot of what my mother called “Based on true” movies.  Movies based on a real event are my mother’s favorite.  Anytime there is a movie that is advertised as based on a true story, my mother has to watch it.  Before my married days, I had to watch them to.  I didn’t understand the appeal of the “based on true” movies.  In my mind, all stories and movies are based on true events because that is where writers get their material.  From their lives.  Even fantasy stories have elements of real life in them.  But this “Based on true” movie caught my attention.

This movie is beautiful.  It’s visually beautiful.  The story is beautiful.  The acting is beautiful.  The most beautiful thing about this movie is that the filmmakers show you the real people behind the characters and let you know what they are doing now.

I don’t want to reveal the plot of the movie.  I want you to watch the trailer instead.


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