Thirsty Thursday: Just Like Us

Hunny and I were discussing what we had meditated on that day.  He had been reading Job, a book in the Bible about a wealthy guy who loved God and Satan wanted to show God that Job didn’t really love Him by destroying his life (Job 1:9-12).  Job, being the awesome example that he was, kept loving God and trusting Him no matter what happened.

Hunny pointed out that he never noticed that Satan used weather to wreak havoc.  Satan used wind to blow down the roof and kill Job’s seven sons and three daughters (Job 1:18,19).  Hunny said, “I never thought about Satan having control over weather.”

He can do whatever God allows him to do.  Just like us.

When those three words came out of my mouth, we both knew that was wisdom form the Lord.  Hunny and I just marveled at that.  Satan is just like us.  He’s not stronger than us.  He’s not better than us.  He asked God’s permission to mess with Job’s stuff.  God is in control.

It’s easy to get overconfident and blinded to the fact that God gave you the abilities you have and God gave you the career you excel in and God gave you that pretty face that causes people to bow to your will at random.  That is all from God.  Not only is every good and perfect git from Him (James 1:17), all the power is in His hands (1 Chronicles 29:12).  He puts people in positions of power.  He humbles one and lifts another.  We can do nothing outside of His will.

The next time someone gives Satan and sin power and awe, correct that mess.  Satan is just like us.  He cannot go outside the boundaries that God sets.


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