Cinematic Call to Give (My New Favorite Commercial)

If I’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ve seen it.  Several of my friends posted it on facebook, and once Hunny saw it, he wanted to pin it.

I really love the way this commercial visually tells the story with little dialogue, but the emotional impact is huge.  Writing and creating dialogue is my strong suit.  I have no problem knowing what my characters will say and having it sound natural (I practiced by playing out scenarios that might happen in school and how I would respond.  Sadly, none of my scenarios ever happened, so it didn’t help me socially).  What I have to work on is moving a story forward visually.

I also love that though this is a three minute commercial, it uses flashback beautifully.  There are movies that misuse flashback sequences.


It’s also a good reminder to be kind to others.  You never know when someone will be kind to you.


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