Project Positivity (Week One, Take Two)

Wow, you guys.  Wow.

Week one, take two lasted two days.  Two.  But the second time around, I learned something.  Something invaluable.  I know the best way to change your attitude.  I’ve known it all along, and I somehow forgot the way.


If your attitude is bad towards someone, pray.  If their attitude is bad toward you, pray.  If your attitude is bad toward work, pray.  If your attitude is bad toward your family, pray.


Praying for people who have wronged you is never easy.  At first.  Afterward, you wonder why you waited so long to pray for them.  Even when they are still crappy toward you and you wish you never had to associate with them again (That sounded a little specific.  Oops.).  Keep praying and never give up!

I’m not going to stop meditating.  I’m not going to stop attempting to fit exercise into my crazy kid filled life.  But I am going to stop this project, because  I believe what I was looking for I had with me the whole time.

It’s the closest thing I have to ruby slippers.

Instead, I’m going to use the next 21 days to form a writing habit.

Everyday Notebook


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