Thirsty Thursday: Meditation

Thanks to the Positivity Project, I’ve added meditation into my daily life.  It has helped me be more focused, more positive, and given me an added sense of well being.

Isn’t meditation eastern spiritualism?  Should you be doing that?

Not exactly and yes.  If you look in the Old Testament, you can find examples of God’s people meditating.  We are meant to meditate on Scripture and store it in our hearts.  Focusing on holiness is a good thing, and I believe a helpful thing.

I watched a TED Talk that addressed meditation, and it was very insightful (Hunny and I both think this guy is fascinating):



There was a recent article in The Huffington Post about meditation.  I couldn’t figure out how to resize the info graphic to fit in this post, so you’ll have to go over there to see it.  Meditation is beneficial for your mind and body, but it can be beneficial for your soul, if you meditate on God and His Word.



2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Meditation

  1. Meditation is one of those things that I know is so beneficial in so many different ways, but I still struggle to make the time for it. This post has re-inspired me to keep trying. TEDtalks hold the answers to all of life’s questions!


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