Project Positivity (Week One)

I can say that I am well on my way to ditching my Mark Wahlbergs.  Although, I cannot say that the week went well.

The first four days I was unstoppable.  I meditated and even though I was sick I did very light exercise.  When I couldn’t leave the house, I sent facebook messages to aquaintances.  I feel like sending encouraging messages to my friends and family isn’t very random as an act of kindness.  I make a point to be kind to my friends and family.

Day Six crashed and burned like no other.  I just lost it.  I had no desire to list three things I was thankful for let alone exercise.

However, I did notice my positivity growing.  On Day Seven, I was NOT into meditating.  At. All.  But I forced myself to do it.  I looked at the clock to time my meditation.


At 3:26pm, I thought, I only have six minutes to go!  I could have thought, Dude, I’ve only meditated for four minutes!  If I had journaled at all that day, I would have written about my tangible progress toward more positivity.

To form a habit you must do something for 21 days.  21 consecutive days.  I’ll be starting week one over, and I know that I will have better success the second time around.


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