We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Post…

One of my sweetest, dearest, bestest friends is moving.

But I am not sad… yet.  I know once I realize the next time I text her to see when we’re getting together, her answer won’t be, “Thursday after work?”, it’ll be, “I think I don’t have any plans on  Tuesday during fall break.”  Then I’ll be sad.

But I’m not sad now.


She’s been accepted to a phenomenal acting program so she can pursue her dreams.  I seriously am ecstatic and I cannot wait to hear how her first day goes, who her friends are, and what she has learned.  I cannot wait to hear about her first “real” acting job.  I cannot wait to hear about her first agent, her first manager, and her first role on the big screen.  I cannot wait until she acts in one of my screenplays.

In a farewell of sorts, I’d like to share FIVE things I love about my friend:

1) She LOVES Jesus.

She is totally, 100% in love with the God who created her in His perfect image.  She knows Him and loves Him.

2) She loves FRIENDS.

It makes me giggle inside how much she loves this show.

3) Audrey Hepburn is her go-to role model.

Audrey Hepburn was such an inspiring lady.  She even took time away from her movie career to be a mommy.

4) She loves to read.

She also shares my love for Beauty & the Beast.  That’s a two-fer for ya!

5) She’s a Coldplay fangirl.

She once marveled at the fact that I had their first CD when it came out and yearned, nay pined, over being able to listen and appreciate them when they first came out.

I love you, Molly! Keep chasing the dreams God gave you and never, never, never, never give up.


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