Having a Baby = Temporary Brain Damage

Before Hunny met his future trophy wife (that would be me), he had some less than stellar employment gigs.  One was at a retail store that no longer exists.  This work environment was brimming with estrogen as only three or four employees were male.  Adding a good looking nice guy into the mix created some kind of explosion resulting in creepy stories about lockers, inappropriate behavior, and my being thankful that he didn’t work there when we met.  

Of the plethora of female colleagues, Hunny found someone to crush on.  This girl was the definition of trouble.  A dress code was created and enforced based on her wardrobe alone.  Not surprisingly, she totally destroyed a section of his heart by having relations in his apartment with one of his friends (true story).  

Fast forward a couple years and he meets a sweet, imperfect girl with big dreams and an even bigger heart.  They fall in love, get married, become a one income family, have a son, become a zero income family, and move out to the country.  Rewind to a few weeks ago.  Hunny gets invited to a baby shower.  It’s for his former manager from the nonexistent store.  ALL his former coworkers are invited.  He asks me if we should go…  

What would you have said?

I said, “If we can make it, let’s go.”  

Really?  Really.  Why in the world would anyone want to go to something like that?  

I’ll tell you why.  I am a writer.  I have a feeling this baby shower is going to be rife with material I can store in my brain to use in the future.  I am sure they are going to share the most interesting stories about their lives.  Also, Yeeyum (that’s what Cupcake calls Peapod, so that’s his name here now) is the cutest baby boy in the world, and I want them to see the adorable person God made through Hunny.  

But what about the girl with low moral fiber AKA Hunny’s former crush?  What if she’s there?  

I guess you’ll have to find out what happens tomorrow.  The baby shower is in the afternoon.


Emergency Diaper Bag: It contains diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and a thermometer. It’s meant to stay in your car, so if you forgot something in your everyday bag, you have it.


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