Kindness (Pass It On)

One day, I’ll update you on my life, whereabouts, and doings, but until then, I want to share a microscopic story with you.

Usually when I do a Random Act of Kindness, I have no idea what the effect is or if it even made a difference at all. But a couple weeks ago, I was blessed to see a tiny ripple of kindness from something I did.

I was waiting in line at the store behind a family with a million items. Not to mention, they were price checking items. Cupcake and Peapod were inhabiting the cart and I was wondering how much longer they could handle waiting so patiently. I glanced behind me because I had a feeling that the line had exploded from just me to half the store. I noticed that the guy behind me had a frozen pizza in hand, and I felt bad that he had to wait so long. By the time these people would be done with their purchases, this pizza would be lukewarm at best.

“You go in front of me.”



“Thank you so much!”

I love helping people and I love it even more when they acknowledge it with appreciation. As I was basking in the glow of being thanked for such a minuscule act, I hear the lady behind me with an overflowing basket of stuff say, “Would you like to go in front of me?”  The person behind her declined.

I was so excited to see the effect of the tiny thing I did that I almost missed the second round of thanks from frozen pizza guy.

Have you ever seen the fruits of your kindness?

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