Giving In not Giving Up (There is a difference)

With Hunny being semi employed, Peapod being an infant, and Cupcake reverting from a fully functioning toddler to asking me to feed her, I’ve kinda had my hands full.  To the point of overflowing.  I had to let something go so that I could give my family the attention that it deserves.  I had to put the blog down for a while.  It’s not that I don’t want to blog.  I have blog entries in my head from months ago.  I just can’t right now, and the only reason I was able to write this post is because Hunny has a temporary job assignment.

My usual schedule is such that I get up early to attend to Peapod’s needs.  Then Cupcake needs breakfast.  Hunny stays in bed until he needs coffee.  From that point on, there’s no telling what our day could bring and I have to organize on the fly and get us all ready to go somewhere or do something or help someone.  Getting us ready to go somewhere is a huge production including: figuring out what snacks to bring, how much formula we need, what extra clothes to bring (Peapod is a spitty little thing), and what cargo we can shove into our car.  After the day is done, Hunny works on art until the early morning hours.  My brain is mush at this point and I can’t do much of anything.  I can’t sleep without him and we haven’t moved from our one bedroom apartment… yet (An issue for another day).  I did attempt to sleep by myself once.  It didn’t work out so well.  By the time I fall asleep, I have to get up with Peapod and Cupcake needs breakfast and the cycle begins.

The sliver of free time that I do I have I need to use to shower, but I would rather catch up on the blogs I read and I still can’t read them all.  But most of them all have the same news: “I’m writing a book!”  It’s discouraging to see almost every blogger that I read get a book deal or an agent, while I’m over here covered in spit up unable to do laundry because my neighbor has occupied the washer.  However, it is also encouraging to know these people (who regularly post with unintentional typos and grammatical errors) are getting agents and deals.  If they can do it, why not me?  It may be longer down the line for me to accomplish my writing goals, but I have a life.   My life right now is supporting my wonderful husband during an exceedingly difficult time and making sure Cupcake and Peapod are equipped to become the people God created them to be.  Honestly, what could be more important than that?


What Could Be More Important Than This?


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