12 Days of Christmas (Two Christmas Angels)

Peapod and Cupcake are my Christmas angels.  Peapod is three months old and he’s smiling now.  He brings so much joy to my life.  Almost three years ago, Cupcake was born.  She’s adorable and a firecracker and she isn’t easy to deal with, which forces me to be a better person.  They make going through this most difficult Christmas season a little easier.  I am so thankful that God put them in my life.

This means even more now that 26 people will not be with their families this Christmas.  One person lost his entire family.  There is an untold number of people whose lives have been changed  because one person didn’t get the help he needed.  It is incredibly easy to look at ourselves and see the hard times around us and dwell on them.  We can’t dwell on them.  Our Christmas angels need us.

You are a Christmas angel to someone and you don’t even know it.  There is a person in your life who thinks of you, talks to you, or texts you when they need a smile.  There is a person who is sad and lonely and they need us to be strong for them.  We have to give up our selfish tendencies and put on a smile.

Don’t forget to give your Christmas angel a hug. Give them a hug right now.  I know I will.

christmas angels


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