12 Days of Christmas (One Kind Remark)

Dark days have engulfed me this holiday season.  Hunny lost his job in October.  His company defamed him and maligned his character so badly that he is unable to get unemployment benefits. It’s only by the grace of God that he has been able to find odd jobs so that we have money to eat.  Not to mention, our car is broken.

Even though I’m going through a tough time, I keep smiling.  I know there are people who have it worse than I do and that everyone needs to see a smiling face.  Just yesterday, I gave a friendly smile to an older man.  I thought nothing of it until I saw him again and smiled again.  He walks right up to me, “You light up the room.”  I was totally stunned.  He went on to say, “I’m sure you make someone very happy.”  All I could say was thank you.  That kind remark was a beautiful gift.  It was a pinpoint of light during this difficult time.

Don’t forget to say something nice to someone.  If you’re uncomfortable complimenting a stranger, say something nice to someone you love.  It may mean more to them than you could ever know.

There’s no greater gift than kindness


One thought on “12 Days of Christmas (One Kind Remark)

  1. I love all these Christmas blog posts you have been doing 🙂 It seems like sometimes we see God the most in our hard times, and He is able to give us the most peace when we recognize His strength 🙂

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