The Best Laid Plans…

I’m not much of a birthday celebrator.   I’ve had a lot of let downs over the years: my name misspelled on the cake – twice in the same year, the party where I invited everyone from school and only two people showed up, the slumber party where my “friends” found and read my diary and complained that it was boring, the birthday I spent in the hospital waiting to hear if my Grandmother was going to live or not… Fun times.

I had decided to not “celebrate” this year.  Just let the day come and go with little to no fanfare or even acknowledgment of the day. Then I thought, No way! Everyone deserves a special birthday.  Even me! I’m even going to celebrate on my blog! In your face, past crappy birthdays.  

My original plan was to do another 30 Days, 30 Movies series, but this time watch a movie starring the person who was celebrating their birthday that day.  Great idea, right?  Not really.  June is a lackluster month for birthdays.  Not every day has an actor (or even director, writer, composer, costumer, etc.) who has worked in film.  Some days have multiple people, and other days no one.  There are days with actors who only do television or haven’t done any movies I’m remotely interested in watching (Sorry, Jim Nabors).

Compounding the situation is the current chaotic state of my life.  I’m six months pregnant and I’ve been diagnosed with ITP.  Despite the poor state of my health, God is keeping Peapod (that’s what I’m calling him now) healthy.  He looked normal in the sonogram I had a couple months ago and his heartbeat is strong.  Next week will be the beginning of my third trimester, which should be exciting.  It’s not.  Hunny and I still haven’t found a place to live.  Our one bedroom apartment feels like it’s shrinking around us.  There’s not enough room for Cupcake to play here and I don’t have the energy to take her for walks.  She’s having trouble taking naps.  That wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t need to take naps.  So, this is how I’ve been feeling lately:

It’s hard to celebrate when you feel like this.  But I’m doing it anyway!  Next week I’m going to share my favorite June birthdays, and I will try to enjoy my birthday.


One thought on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. June birthdays include, in addition to most of our dogs, Marylyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Weismuller (olympic swimmer and original movie Tarzan), Johnny Depp, Thomas Mann, Jerry Mathers (aka, the Beaver – ask your parents if necessary), Andy Griffith, Natalie Portman, Prince, Maurice Sendak, Judy Garland, Joe Montana, Gene Wilder, Anne Frank, George Bush, Heidi Klum, Tim Allen, Che Guevara, Donald Trump (my condolences), Ice Cube, Stan Laurel, Helen Hunt, M.C. Escher, Paul McCartney, Lou Gehrig, Moe Howard, Nicole Kidman, Isabella Rosselini, Prince William, Meryl Streep, Gutenberg, George Orwell, Captain Kangaroo, Helen Keller, Henry VIII, and some of my best friends over the years.

    So good luck with apartment hunting and your pregnancy, but according to Google, June is not a dry month for birthdays!

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