12 Days of Christmas {Polite and (paranoid) Style} 10 Delivered Pizzas or (Home Alone)

Thanks to NBC showing it during the holidays for most of the 90’s, Home Alone is a classic Christmas film.  Kevin is a brat with an equally annoying family who is left behind for Christmas.  As I’ve watched this movie through the years, one character always jumps out at me.  He’s lonely and alone.  He misses his family.  I am sure that many, many people can relate to him: Old Man Marley.

He can’t see his granddaughter because he and his son had a fight and they don’t speak.  Other than being called the “South Bend Shovel Slayer” by the neighborhood kids, this guy doesn’t seem like the type of grandfather you would want to shield from your child.  He’s the real hero of this movie.  He saves Kevin from Harry.  The happiest part of the movie is not when Kevin’s mom comes home or when the rest of the family arrives for Christmas, it’s when Kevin looks out the window to see Old Man Marley hugging his granddaughter in the softly falling snow.  If that doesn’t move you, you must be the Grinch.

A little Home Alone Trivia for you:

  • Home Alone was the highest grossing film of 1990
  • The idea for Home Alone came to John Hughes when he was filming the scene in Uncle Buck where Macualy Culkin’s character talks to the baby sitter through the mail slot (which explains the mail slot scenes in Home Alone)
  • John Hughes wrote the part of Kevin for Culkin, but the director auditioned hundreds of boys to make sure he was the right choice
  • The picture of Buzz’s girlfriend is actually a boy made up as a girl because the director, Chris Columbus, thought it would be cruel to make fun of a real girl that way (Isn’t that awesome?)
  • John Candy filmed his cameo in one 23 hour day.  He ad libbed the part about leaving his son in a funeral home.

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