12 Days of Christmas {Polite and (paranoid) Style} 7 Enchanted Servants or (Beauty and the Beast)

If you want to be all technical and nit-picky, Beauty and the Beast is not a Christmas movie.  However, it was one of my Christmas presents from Hunny last year and Belle is my favorite Disney Princess hands down.  I completely relate to Belle, a fellow bookworm, and I felt that what the people in town said about her was how people in my life felt about me, “Behind that fair facade, I’m afraid she’s rather odd/She’s nothing like the rest of us, She’s different from the rest of us.”  Now that I’m a grown up of sorts, I’ve come to embrace the fact that I’m a creative type and that there will always be people who don’t care for me.

Out of the servants in the castle, I never had a favorite.  I love the interactions between Lumiere and Cogsworth.  Lumiere chasing the Feather Duster is pretty entertaining.  Especially after they had transformed and she was beautiful and he was… Not so much that… Mrs. Potts is a very influential character.  She’s a maternal figure to both Belle and Beast.  Not to mention, Chip’s actual mother.  I always wonder if Mrs. Potts and Maurice get together.  He smiles at her a lot in the end.

Beauty and the Beast Trivia

  • Chip originally had one line, but the producers liked Bradley Pierce’s voice so much that they expanded the character
  • One of my favorite lines in the film “Chocolates, flowers, promises you don’t intend to keep” was ad libbed by David Ogden Stiers
  • In the French release, Cogsworth’s name is Big Ben
  • The voice of Belle was going to be the done by the same person who voiced Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but they didn’t feel like her voice was European sounding enough
  • First Disney film to receive a Best Picture Nomination in the Academy Awards since Mary Poppins
  • First Full Length Animated Feature to win the Golden Globe for Best Picture
  • Art Director Brian McEnte color keyed Belle so that she is the only person in town wearing blue, symbolic of how different she is from everyone else.  Beast, another misfit, also wears blue.  (This might be my favorite trivia fact.  Does that make it bonus trivia?)

Don’t miss out on the re-release of Beauty and the Beast!  I can’t wait to see it in theaters!!


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