12 Days of Christmas {Polite and (paranoid) Style} 6 Months Awaitin’

Please, tell me you’ve seen An Affair to Remember (or at the very least have heard of it).  Have you heard of Sleepless in Seattle?  It was inspired by An Affair to Remember.

Cary Grant plays Nickie Ferrante, a womanizing playboy who has just been engaged to an American heiress.  While on a cruise to visit his grandmother abroad, he meets Terry McKay, played by Deborah Kerr.  She’s engaged to a wealthy businessman.  Although they are not trying to be anything more than friends, they fall in love on their voyage.  Cary Grant’s character asks for six months to learn how to make a living so he will prove himself worthy to have Terry as his wife.  They agree to meet up in six months on the top floor of the Empire State Building.

The most poignant scene, to me, that does not give away the plot, is when they leave the boat.  Nickie and his heiress pose for paparazzi and Terry gets between them saying she has “an important meeting to get to.”  Terry finds her fiance and hugs him.  Nickie walks by with his heiress.  He stops and watches the embrace, glaring jealously.  Terry motions him to keep going.  Before he does, he kisses his fingers and taps them on Terry’s glove.  She pulls away from the embrace, immediately brushing her glove against her lips.

I love this movie poster.  The French title is translated, “She and Him,” which I think fits the film.  If anyone is still wondering what they should get me for Christmas… Here you go.


One thought on “12 Days of Christmas {Polite and (paranoid) Style} 6 Months Awaitin’

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