12 Days of Christmas {Polite and (paranoid) Style} 1 American Sweetheart or (While You Were Sleeping)

I love While You Were Sleeping.  It is the first Sandra Bullock movie I ever saw.  I immediately fell in love with the story and the characters.  Especially Sandra Bullock’s character, Lucy, a lonely train ticket person without a family on Christmas.  How many lonely cat ladies can you name that have charmed the world?  I can only name one.  Lucy is such a lovable character.  She’s pining over Peter, a guy who doesn’t know her name.  She’s nice to Joe Jr. even though he lies about her.  When Joe Jr. is upset about Phyllis from the third floor dumping him, she lets him try on her shoes (I know that sounds weird, but he likes trying on her shoes.  It’s a sweet gesture).  When she’s invited to spend Christmas with Peter’s family, she’s given a gift.  We never know what the gift is because she doesn’t open it.  She just sits there and enjoys the company of his family.

The best part of the movie is her relationship with Jack, Peter’s brother.  She tells Peter that she’s never met someone she can laugh with, which is part of the reason why she is single.  Jack and Lucy laugh together through much of the film.  When they aren’t laughing together, they are trying to hide the fact that they like each other.  One of the most gut wrenching scenes for me to watch is when Jack stops by Lucy’s apartment before she marries Peter.  As he’s leaving, Lucy asks him if there is any reason she shouldn’t marry Peter.  Jack, looking conflicted, pauses before saying no.  The disappointment on both their faces is too much!  But that only heightens the excitement of Jack proposing later on.

(On a side note, I’d like to say Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!  God bless you and your marriage.)


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