Confidence Booster or (How Social Awkwardness Can Be Helpful)

Hunny’s family had a big get together this weekend, and we were able to attend.  Granted, we had to rent a car because ours wouldn’t make the twelve hour trip there and back, but we made it!

I’m shy and quiet by nature (add the part about being absent minded and creative and I’m the complete package, no?), but I wanted to make an effort to get to know these people even though I will probably never, ever see them again.  So I walked up to the closest Uncle I saw, and said, “Hi.  I haven’t gotten to talk to you yet.  How are you?”

He smiled and we subsequently nodded at each other.  Thank God for other socially inept people!  I’m glad he spoke up first because I had him confused with another family member, which would have been embarrassing for me, asking him about things that were completely unrelated to his life.

“What do you do?”

I told him that during the day I took care of a toddler and “I know it’s cliche, but I’m a screenwriter.”  This equally shy Uncle gave me some solid advice.  He said that I shouldn’t explain what I do sheepishly.  I should say it with confidence.  “If that’s what you do, that’s what you do!”  Right.  It’s kind of hard for me to not be self deprecating.  If I make fun of myself first, then other people won’t have the chance to do it… Right?

He asked me what I had written.  I told him I had done a couple short films.

“Oh.  Stuff I’d probably think was weird, huh?”

I immediately told him about Good Intentions.  It’s about a convenient store clerk who hears about someone being kidnapped on the news.  He imagines all the ways that he would save her, but when the kidnapper comes into the store and the victim mouths “Help me,”  he does nothing.

He really liked it.  It even reminded him of something that happened to someone he knew.  Well, I had to tell him about Canvas.  An abstract painter does a series of pieces for an art show.  They’re titled: Love, Infidelity, Anger, Happiness, and Death.  He starts seeing the paintings come to life in the lives of the people who are drawn to each painting.  His best friend’s favorite painting is Death, so he wants to save her from that fate.

“Does she die?”

That was such an awesome moment, and I didn’t even realize it until after he pointed it out.  He wanted to know what happens to the characters.

I’ve been kind of down about my writing recently.  The fact that no one voted for what I should do in November didn’t help much either.  No offense.  Knowing that someone was genuinely interested in my stories and characters gave me confidence and showed me that I have something to offer whether I realize it or not.  Whether anyone else realizes it or not, doesn’t matter.  I know now.

Don’t hold back!  I’m not going to anymore.


4 thoughts on “Confidence Booster or (How Social Awkwardness Can Be Helpful)

  1. Just visiting for the first time… your ideas for your scripts sound VERY interesting to me, particularly the first: human imagination and human failings. That’s a film I’d love to see!

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