The Multiple Notebook Dilema or (All This Paper and No Pen In Sight)

As a writer, I like to keep an open mind to writing advice and ways to keep organized.  I’m kind of an absent minded professor type, so I need all the help I can get.  A notebook for a specific category (eg. daily journaling, creative writing, etc.) has been advice that I keep hearing over and over again, so I thought I would test it out.  Here are my trusty notebooks:

My Writing Accountability Notebook (Notebook and pen were Christmas presents from my Sister last year.  Cupcake tore off the middle part of this notebook)

My Everyday Writing Notebook (Notebook from TJ Maxx and pen was in the pack with the one above)

My Food Journal (Moleskin Journal with “Smile” Sticker added.  Pen was bought for Cupcake at Hallmark and it doesn’t write…)

My Idea Notebook (Saw it at Pier 1 and HAD to have it)

My Prayer/Dream Journal (Birthday gift from Sisters two years ago, but I think it was from Walmart.  Notice the hand drawn addition by Cupcake)

The multiple notebook system is probably THE system for literary greatness for someone else.  Wrangling a toddler all day is not conducive to this kind of system.  I believe my influence on her life has given her a love of books and of putting her creations on paper.  She likes to write or draw on any piece of paper she can get her hands on, especially my paper, which does not bode well for my notebooks.  We have very few surfaces that she can’t reach.  Case in point:

I thought I could just write around her scribbles, but it makes reading what I’ve written a harder than necessary task.

Moving notebooks from one room to another is a waste of time.  Not to mention, I always end up thinking of something to write in a specific notebook only to find that it is no where to be found.  I scramble to find the appropriate notebook for my thought, but I know I have to write it down before I lose it.  I buckle under and end up writing it on whatever I find handy, which isn’t always a notebook.  Sometimes it is a napkin.  That’s how prayers end up in my Food Journal and “To Do” lists spit in the face of my Ideas Notebook.

Post-It notes used to be my life savers when I was in school.  I had several colors.  One was my “To Do” list for the day.  Another one was my schedule.  I think blue held all the assignments I had to work on.  Alas, Post-It notes are even less Cupcake friendly than notebooks.  She likes to separate them, scrawl a little something on each one, and disperse them all over my apartment.  Hunny is not a fan.

I don’t know what system I will try next.  I might just write in one notebook and keep it in the living room at all times.  Or my purse…  I have no idea.  But I do know that I’ve been more disciplined about my writing lately, and I’m going to capitalize on that momentum.  All I have to do is keep it going!

What organizing tools keep you together?  Is there anything you couldn’t live without?


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