Thirsty Thursday: Gifts from God

I have been given many gifts in my short lifetime.  Some were super cool and others were things that I had to paste a smile on my face and politely say, “Thank you for…this.”  But every gift that has been given to me has the same Giver:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

I was reading the Bible and this verse jumped out at me.  Every good gift is from God.  Every perfect gift is from God.  I feel like knowing this simple fact is important.  Think of something in your life that is good or perfect…  It’s from God.  Your friendships are from God.  Your health is from God.  Your home is from God.  Your car is from God.  Your family is from God.  Whatever is good or perfect is from God.

God doesn’t change.  He’s not going to change His mind and take back the gifts He has given you.  He is not going to stop loving you or stop showering you with blessings.

I am especially thankful for the gift of friendship that God has given me through some awesome people.  This has been a rocky week at best and being able to spend time with people who love the Lord and love me has been a blessing.  Take a moment to reflect on the good things that happened to you or that you have been given today.  Think of something small like the sun shining.  Meditate on the Giver for a moment and thank Him for the many gifts He has given you.


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