30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 28} Horror or (Scream)

Here’s something about me you may not know.  I am not a horror fan.  I don’t even celebrate Halloween.  I am, however, a fan of Scream.  Not the entire series of movies, but the first Scream.  The second one wasn’t terrible, and the third one was ridiculous.  I actually boycotted watching Scre4m because when asked if there would be more Scream movies, the viewing public was given an emphatic NO.  In fact, they would never make another  one.  That is how they lured me into seeing the third one.  Liars.  Besides, why would you make a franchise installment 11 years later?  Does that make any sense to anyone else?  Eleven years is a LONG time in “Hollywood time.”  Fifteen years from the original movie is like several decades.  Some of the original actors don’t act anymore and no one knows who they are anymore.  If David Arquette hadn’t married Courtney Cox, no one would know he is still alive.

That does not stop Scream from being a refreshing take on the horror genre.  Any movie that breathes fresh life into any genre deserves respect.  Scream did that for horror.  Unfortunately for us, when a movie breathes life into a genre, studio execs think that is the only type of movie the viewing public wants to see.  After Scream, there was a huge batch of horror movies to come out each one worse than the one before.  Have you seen I Know What You Did Last Summer?  or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer?  Oh, brother.  I still can’t believe they made two of those.

I absolutely adore the fact that Drew Barrymore is on the movie poster, was in all the previews, and everyone made a big deal about her being in Scream and she dies in the first twelve minutes.  Pure awesomeness.  There are so many previews that show the best parts of the movie or worse, tell the whole story and leave nothing for the actual viewing of the film.  It’s genius when they leave us wanting more.

Favorite Line: I’ll be right back!

Favorite Character: Randy

Favorite Scene: When you find out who the killers are


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