30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 25} Western or (True Grit)

Disclaimer: If violence against children freaks you out, do not watch this movie.  If watching someone die (it was pretty realistic) is something you want to avoid, do not watch this movie.  If seeing people get hanged is on a list of things you do not enjoy, definitely don’t watch the beginning of this movie.

I added Western to my 30 Days, 30 Movies because I wanted to expand my cinematic horizons.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a western.  I knew Hunny wanted to see True Grit, so I thought this would be the perfect Win-Win situation.

Let’s get down to business.  Westerns aren’t really my thing.  Despite this fact, there is one undeniable fact that leaps at me from this movie.  Jeff Bridges is the most underrated actor of his generation.  I knew it was him because of the credits and he looked like himself, but he completely changed his voice.  That is real talent.  It wasn’t just the accent.  His voice is in a totally different register.  He even added a gravel sound to it.  I don’t know how he spoke that way and didn’t lose his voice.

Did you see him in Iron Man?  Phenomenal.  Iron Man is an example of a movie I loved from a genre that I normally do not enjoy or try to watch, but was lovable because of the STORY.  Story is so overlooked just like Jeff Bridges in that movie.  Everyone raved about how great Robert Downey Jr. played Iron Man, and he did,  but no one really said anything about how amazing Jeff Bridges played his sinister character.  I didn’t go into the movie with the knowledge of who the bad guy would be, and when it turned out to be him, I was shocked.  Good Story + Good Acting = Great Cinema

Let’s get back to True Grit for a moment.  How do you feel about movies that have the title in the dialogue?  I feel like it depends on the movie.  When Mattie says, “I heard you were a man with True Grit,” Hunny turned to me with a goofy, open-mouthed smile and a thumbs up.  Doesn’t Doc say something about going “back to the future” at the end of Back to the Future?  That was kinda funny, but Back to the Future is a comedy.  But what do you think?  Yay or nay?

Favorite Line: In this world, there is nothing free except the grace of God.

Favorite Character: LaBeouf

Favorite Scene:  When Mattie haggles with the horse merchant


2 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 25} Western or (True Grit)

  1. I loved “True Grit;” it’s my favorite new release of the year, and that includes Harry Potter. I also love westerns in general, but this is a story that transcends genre. It’s a love story, or rather a story of unrequited love and longing; I borrowed the Greek word Pothos for that when I posted reviews of True Grit last winter, and two other westerns that expressed that same insatiable hunger, “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid,” and “McCabe and Mrs. Miller.”

    The book has the same strangely quaint and formal speech that mirrors 19th c. letters you sometimes see.

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