30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 23} Original vs. Remake or (Father of the Bride)

Normally, the original movie is far and beyond the better film.  That a fast and firm rule.  When I find out that a movie is a remake, I automatically watch the original for comparison.  I always think, Why can’t they just make it the same or better?  Why ruin a perfectly good movie? 

Did you know that Father of the Bride was a remake?  I didn’t.  I thought the Steve Martin version was original.  Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor made Father of the Bride in 1950.


In what may be my most surprising move yet, I have to say that the remake of Father of the Bride is better (It’s shocking, isn’t it?).  How was a movie that was almost shot for shot the same as the original version be better?  Casting.

Steve Martin is a better Mr. Banks.  He brings heart to the role that Spencer Tracy couldn’t.  I know.  Spencer Tracy is a cinematic legend and Steve Martin is a banjo player.  That does not negate the fact that Steve Martin made Stanley Banks lovable and root worthy, as in you are rooting for him.  The audience can tell that he loves his daughter and his family despite his goofy behavior.  Spencer Tracy as Stanley Banks is awful.  He’s a curmudgeon and a tight wad, and you feel sorry for his wife and daughter.  There is no empathy for the Father of the Bride, which is kind of important considering that is the title.

When talking about what makes the remake special, you cannot forget Martin Short as the wedding coordinator.  He’s amazingly hilarious. I love his crazy accent (Where is he supposed to be from?  Does anyone know?), and the fact that Mr. Banks seems to be the only one who cannot understand it makes it even more hilarious.

How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend?  Did you stay at home and watch a movie or go to the theatre?  Hunny and I were going to go to the theatre, but there wasn’t anything we felt worth our money to see…

And the original:


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