30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 22} Elizabeth Taylor or (Life with Father)

The first time I saw this movie, I was in high school.  We had only had cable for about a year.  My mother saw that this movie was being shown on one of the classic movie channels.  She said we had to watch it because it was one of her favorite movies.  When mom was growing up, TV stations showed old movies on the weekends.

Prior to this viewing, I had never seen a movie with a young Elizabeth Taylor.  Man, was she talented!  Even at a young age, she was a natural.  The character she plays in this movie is such fun: a young girl on her first trip to New York.  I think this character is based on Clarence Day Jr’s wife.


Wasn’t she adorable? (Incidentally, when Cupcake saw this picture, she thought it was me!  God bless those little 19 month old eyes of hers.)

I love that this story was based on a play that was based on Clarence Day Jr’s book about his family.  I also love that the father is a hard business man who scares off maids and family members, but he has a soft spot for his wife.

I would love to be an actor in a period piece from this time.  I think it would be so cool to have my hair done like that and wear those gorgeous dresses.  I’m sure it would make me appreciate my modern clothes.  Can you imagine wearing clothes like that everyday?

Favorite Line: Gad!

Favorite Character: Vinnie

Favorite Scene: When the father is yelling about a story he read in the newspaper and the maid thinks he’s yelling at her.

Here is my other favorite scene (the money talk):


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