30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 21} Story of Vindication or (Minority Report)

I am not a Tom Cruise fan.  Not even a little bit.  But I thought Minority Report was really interesting.

One of my favorite parts of this 30 Days, 30 Movies series is learning the backstory about the scripts and how the movies are made.  This script was originally a Total Recall sequel.  It was set on Mars and the Pre-Cogs were mutated humans.  The project was shelved.  The writers got rid of all the Total Recall plot points and started over.  Another writer was added to the project, and they made the final script.  Three years before production on this film, Steven Spielberg got sixteen future experts to think about what the world would look like and be like in 2054 (This is definitely one of the things that, in my mind, makes him a legend.  Foresight).

This script was also based on a short story about the same subject.  In the short story, the Tom Cruise character decides not to kill the victim.  Then the victim says that he is going to end the Pre Crime bureau because it does not work.  The Tom Cruise character then kills the victim to prove the program works.  He puts the system he believes in before his well being.  It’s an interesting take, but I think the movie’s ending works better.

Unfortunately, this movie is much too long.  It is actually an example of a movie that would have been better had it been shorter in Blake Snyder’s book Save the Cat!  (I know it’s hard to believe, but I have read other books.  I just don’t mention them on the blog).

Favorite Line: My mother gave them to me.

Favorite Character: Agatha

Favorite Scene: When all the ads call Anderton by a Japanese name.  It cracks me up.  And it also kinda scares me about the future a little.


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