30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 19} Love Triangle or (500 Days of Summer)

Are you surprised?  Perplexed even?  But Tom loves Summer and there is no other guy until the end of the film, and we don’t even get to meet him.  That is true.  However, the love triangle is between Summer, Tom, and SUMMER.  Summer is so in love with herself that she cannot treat Tom like a decent human being.  Tom loves Summer so much that he can’t see that she is desperately, completely, and solely in love with herself.

What makes this movie great is also what makes it agonizing to watch.  Who hasn’t been in a relationship with someone like Summer?  Someone we thought was so great, so perfect, so amazing, and yet even our prepubescent sister can see that they are not that great and completely wrong for us.

My most disastrous relationship like this could not even really be called a relationship because we never actually “dated.”  He liked me, but denied it to everyone and talked smack about me so no one else would go out with me.  Everyone treated me like I was his girlfriend.  He treated me like dirt.  Then he attended my college during our sophomore year because his therapist said that he needed “closure” with me.  Seriously?  He treated me like trash and he is the one who needed closure?

Is there a crazy relationship that reminds you of (500) Days of Summer?  Does it make this movie more or less enjoyable?

Favorite Line: It just wasn’t me that you were right about.

Favorite Character: Rachel Hansen

Favorite Scene: I hate to be cliche, but I love the song and dance number with the animated bird

2 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 19} Love Triangle or (500 Days of Summer)

  1. Such a great movie! I kinda liked that it was the girl being totally in love with herself rather than the guy, made a somewhat refreshing change! And I love the musical scene too. Classic.

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