30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 18} Thriller or (Inception)

I’m not really going to talk about how great this movie is or how well it did at the box office or how everyone was talking about the ending of this movie.  I want to talk about time.  Eight years, in fact.

Christopher Nolan pitched the idea for this script without having written it.  He was given the green light and told to go ahead with the movie.  He walked away thinking that he would write the script in a couple months.  He wrote this script over a period of eight years.  Of course, he had other obligations during that time.  He had other jobs, too.  But he worked on it consistently and it became the amazing movie we now see.

I think sometimes too much emphasis is put on deadlines and time constraints.  Should you write as much as you can as often as you can?  Yes.  Do you have to write your masterpiece in a day?  No.  It doesn’t matter if it takes you two days or twenty years.  All that matters is that you do your best and it gets done.

Favorite Line: An idea is like a virus, resiliant, highly contajous and the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.

Favorite Character: Eames

Favorite Scene:  When there’s a mid air fight and the hallway keeps moving around them.

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