30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 13} Fantasy or Sci Fi or (Star Trek)

When asked the question “Fantasy or Sci Fi,” I’d have to go with neither.  As a child I would have said, “Both!”  Disney’s Fantasia was released in the theaters when I was a young child and that movie fostered an interest in mythology that lasted through my elementary school days.  My parents’ first date was to see one of the Star Wars films.  Needless to say, I watched Star Wars growing up.  I remember hoping Leia would get together with Luke because Hans Solo was such a jerk.  How could Indiana Jones and Hans Solo be played by the same person?  It boggles the mind.

Fast forward a decade and Star Wars is released in the theaters.  Then they make prequels…  That’s when I gave up on Sci Fi.  Fast forward another decade, and I’ve agreed to endure the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy because one of my dear friends loves it so much.  And down goes fantasy.  But I cannot be a student of film without giving these genres a sporting chance in my 30 Days, 30 Movies exercise.

I had already planned on borrowing Star Wars from my brother and reviewing it for this day.  Lo and behold, I forget to get it from him (I’ve been preoccupied as of late, but that’s a blog for another time).  Of course, it’s not on Netflix instant view.  But Star Trek is.

Hunny really wanted me to go with him to see it in the theaters.  He thought I would really like it.  I’m so glad that I didn’t go with him.  Being able to watch it at home allowed me to be able to watch it in French while washing dishes.  Win – win (If you read my review on It’s A Wonderful Life, you know how I feel about long movies).  All kidding aside, I liked the movie.  I think this movie would be more fun for people who know Star Trek.  The little I know about Star Trek from The Big Bang Theory and from universal American pop culture knowledge, I was able to laugh about how Kirk and Spock hated each other at first.  From the characters that I knew what they looked like, I thought the casting was perfect.

Of course, there were things I did not get.  Isn’t Spock supposed to be emotionless?  I thought he was supposed to be like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but he’s making out and has a relationship with the girl.  I actually looked this information up.  I read Star Trek boards, people!!  Apparently, the new Spock is a more sexualized version, and the coupling of the two characters is something that fans have always wanted to see.

Then there is the whole, Spock as an older person changing the course of history plot point.  Does this mean that the stories from the TV series and all the movies that have already come out are moot?  If he changed the course of history and nothing is the same, then they could make all kinds of new stories because this is the alternate reality now?  If you have any idea, please, comment!

If you have never seen anything Star Trek, I think this would not be a bad place to start.

Where do you stand on the fantasy versus science fiction debate?  Are you like me and firmly neither?

Favorite Line:  What is neccessary is never unwise.

Favorite Character: Spock

Favorite Scene:  When Spock from the future talks to young Spock.


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