30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 10} Movie from your Childhood or (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

I was born over a decade after this movie was released in the theater, but thanks to the magic that is home video.  I was able to watch this with my brothers and cousins at my Grandmother’s house.  I thought that I would be super emotional watching this movie because the last time I saw it I was a child, and this will be the first time watching it as an adult and without my Grandmother being alive.  She passed away around the holidays in 2009.

Instead of her death ruining the holidays, it was like a Christmas miracle.  She had battled with Alzheimer’s for many years.  She stopped looking like my Grandmother several years before her death.  She was in pain.  She was confused about everything.  She’d ask us to take her with us, but she was not allowed to leave.  Near the end, she couldn’t feed herself.
It was torture visiting her sometimes.

I would have to look away and choke down my tears because I didn’t want to cry and scare her along with the other Alzheimer’s patients.  Especially since she thought I was the pastor’s wife and we were just visiting her.  Hunny is not a pastor, and I wasn’t his wife… yet.  I would wait to cry until I got out of the door to the Alzheimer’s wing.  A few tears would trickle out.  I couldn’t allow myself to really cry until I was out of the building.  I didn’t want to make the regular residents feel bad, either.  Once I was out of the door, I broke down.  I sobbed, “Why is God letting her live?”

Hunny always listened.  He prayed with me.  Just being there and visiting my Grandmother with me made it less painful.  There were times when I didn’t recognize her from behind.  That tiny frail skeleton couldn’t be the same woman who would always correct my grammar and say, “How wonderful!”  about our accomplishments in a booming voice.  Or the same person who jerked rakes away from us because we weren’t raking “correctly.”

I am so thankful that she’s not suffering anymore.  God is so merciful.  I know she is with Him in heaven.

Now that I’ve sufficiently depressed us (I’m bawling as I type this), I want to ask you to do something for me.  Give your grandmother a hug or a call.  If she’s not with us, give your mother a hug or a call.  If your mother is no longer with us, here is a hug from me: *HUG*

I promise that I will actually review the movie next time.

Favorite Line: I think I prefer you as a rabbit, Charles.

Favorite Character: Emelius Brown

Favorite Scene:  When they win a dancing contest in the “beautiful, briny sea.”

Since I couldn’t find a good trailer, here is my favorite song.  Enjoy!

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