30 Days, 30 Movies {Day 5} Chick Flick or (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Julia Roberts is the modern day Queen of Chick Flicks.  She is a talented actress and can play any role in any genre, but when she is in a romantic comedy, it turns into box office gold.  Maybe it has to do with the enduring characters she played in her earlier movies (Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, etc.).  Even that goofy Runaway Bride did well despite the poster with her lacing up sneakers in a wedding dress.

Although I am not a fan of “chick flicks,” I love My Best Friend’s Wedding.  I think what I love best about it is that the main character does not “get the guy” (I can hear the gasps already).  Not ending up with the guy is more realistic.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I wanted to be the girl who gets chosen, but I was always passed up (until it really counted).  The script is written in such a way that the audience is happy that she doesn’t “get the guy” because she stills wins – she does the right thing and she moves on.  Being strong enough to let go and move on is the ultimate win.  It’s kind of a risky choice as a writer, but it pays off because it is a fresh take on the “chick flick.”  And it is one that everyone can relate to in one way or another.

The best part of watching this movie again (besides the fact that cell phones were ginornous) is seeing Paul Giamante play Richard the bell hop/hotel employee.  Here Paul Giamatte is playing this tiny role in a Julia Roberts movie, and look at where he is today.  He kept at it and didn’t give up.  That was very motivating and inspiring to me to keep after my dreams and go for it!  Never, never, never give up.  Churchill.

Favorite Line:  Who’s chasing you?  Nobody. 

Favorite Character: George

Favorite Scene:  When George has a posh dinner party at his apartment with important, artistic people, and he lets the answering machine pick up.  Julianne’s crazy tirade about trying to break up the wedding makes everyone stop and listen.  Once it is over, George offers everyone coffee and the dinner party is back on.


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