I did it! or (What now?)

I did it!  I finished my submission for the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest.  Actually, I finished it days ago.  I just haven’t found the courage to actually submit it… That and I want to read over it again to make sure there isn’t any misspellings or incorrect grammar anywhere.

Submitting my entry for the Contest

I have to tell you that this script was very emotional for me.  I’ve never written a thriller type story before.  I’m more of a dramedy/romantic comedy writer.  In my stories, no one dies.  I had to write about someone dying and the aftermath of finding a dead spouse.  It was heartbreaking.  I would reread my scenes for polishing and tear up.  Hunny would ask me what was wrong when I’d read, and  I’d say, “Nothing.”  And he wouldn’t believe me, which would make me go from teary eyed to crying.  Once I start getting weepy, it’s hard to take me off the crying track.  I’d point to the paper, and he’d say, “Oh.”  Hunny is a painter, but he also writes.  I don’t know if he gets emotionally involved in his stories or not.

The finalists will be announced in September.  I will definitely keep you posted!  While I’m waiting to hear back about the contest, I’ll be busy sharing 30 Days, 30 Movies with you.  I’m also going to keep working on this script.  I’m moving it up to the front line.  Even though it is a stretch for me and definitely outside my comfort zone, working on this script has revitalized my passion for writing.

Is there something that you can do to go outside your comfort zone and push your limits toward some kind of goal?  I encourage you to share it in the comments and go for it!

2 thoughts on “I did it! or (What now?)

  1. Good for you! You should be super proud of yourself for that achievement, regardless of what happens now. It’s always scary and exciting all at once, but big kudos to you. 🙂


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