Time is All It Takes Or (Get on it!)

I’m on page eight of my entry for the Industry Insider Contest, and well on my way to the fifteen pages that I need to submit.  I’m getting really excited!
Don’t worry about me being crushed, if I lose.  If I don’t make it, at least I tried.  I am really looking at this as an exercise in furthering my writing pursuits.  I’m having a great deal of fun working on this project.  If I don’t become a finalist, I will most likely finish the screenplay on my own, which is another piece of work for my portfolio.  Win, win.
Yesterday, my brother and I were talking about his youtube page.  He was saying that he wished that he had started it sooner because then he would have more views, more subscribers, and google ads.  He can’t think like that and neither can I about my writing.  I could have tried to do contests years ago and tried to get a portfolio of work started.  I didn’t do it then, but I AM DOING IT NOW!  This is what matters!  Making an effort to pursue your dreams today is the point.  Who cares about yesterday or what could have been?  The steps you take today to make your goal count.
I read this quote today:
The harder you work, the luckier you get. ~Gary Player

This is so true!

It takes time to be a success, but time is all it takes. ~Annonymous
I am a procrastinator/time waster extraordinaire, and I know that if I ask God to show me how to manage my time more efficiently, there is no limit to what I can accomplish.
I hope that you are following your dreams and reaching for your goals.  I am taking steps towards my goal today.  I’m woking on my contest entry today, and hope to get another page or two done, maybe more if I finish that car chase scene (Yes! There’s a car chase!).
What steps are you taking today to get closer to your goals and dreams?

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